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A handy guide to the must-have Green Apps

Green living is made possible at your fingertips with the help of these apps! Download them and give it a try!

1. Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Refrigerators, air-conditioners and clothes dryers are among the most energy-intensive home appliances. Save on your electricity bill by choosing energy efficient models of such appliances!

While energy efficient models may have a higher purchase price than less efficient ones, they tend to have lower life cycle costs due to the lower electricity costs over their lifespan. The online Life Cycle Cost Calculator helps you make well-informed purchasing decisions by calculating the life cycle costs of different models of air-conditioners, refrigerators, clothes dryers and televisions.

LCC formula


2. SEC Green App

Developed by the Singapore Environment Council, the SEC Green Map is a comprehensive, one-stop mobile platform to help Singaporeans discover the greener side of our little red dot. It will encompass data and connect users in a green way, with real-time information. In its first version, the SEC Green Map allows users to locate eco-certified establishments, such as shops and restaurants; places where they can donate second-hand items; recycling stations where they can exchange recyclable items for cash; and heritage trees, community gardens, parks, park connectors and reservoirs.


3. myENV

What will we do without this app? myENV is our go-to app – rain or shine – providing the latest environmental news updates and information at your finger tips such as real-time information on Singapore’s weather, latest PSI & hourly PM2.5 information, locations of dengue clusters/hawker centres and more! You can also receive push-notification alerts when it’s raining at certain locations



Know of other useful green apps? Share with us your favourites in the Comments section below!

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